Banarasi Meetha Paan (Pack of 4)

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Banarasi Meetha

This Paan does not contain tobacco

  • Crisp Banarasi Betel Leaf
  • Catechu (katta)
  • Slaked Lime (chuna)
  • Gulkand (A mix of Rose-petals, Sugar and flavours)
  • Diced Betelnut (supari)
  • Diced Dried Dates
  • Flavoured Fennel Seeds Mix (Saunf)
  • Sweet Mix powders
  • Flavoured blended Chutney

5 reviews for Banarasi Meetha Paan (Pack of 4)

  1. Anonymous

  2. Pancham Taneja

  3. Anonymous

    Product tastes good but coupons provided by them do not work

  4. Anurag

  5. Prakhar

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